Between July 1st and October 1st of each year, we attempt to visit every residence in the county to update your personal property information, including how many dogs, sheep or goats you own. You may pay your dog, sheep and goat tax during this visit, by mail or stop in our office. If you would like to pay your dog taxes by mail, write the breed, sex, age, hair color and hair length (short, medium or long) on a slip of paper with your name and return address and send it with a check made payable to Pocahontas County Dog Fund for the proper amount. Mail your information and payment to Pocahontas Assessor, 900-C Tenth Ave., Marlinton, WV 24954. You can also print the personal property form and complete the back section to send with payment. The dog tax is $3.00 within the districts of Edray, Green Bank, Huntersville and Little Levels and $6.00 within the corporations of Durbin, Hillsboro, and Marlinton. Once the form and payment are received, we will mail your dog tags and receipt to the address listed on the form. Sheep and Goat tax is $1.00 per head of breeding age.

Sheep and Goat Tax

West Virginia Code §7-7-6e requires the county assessor to collect a $1.00 tax on each sheep and goat of breeding age while doing the assessment for personal property each year. A commission of ten percent of the collected tax will be provided to the Assessor’s Office while ninety percent of taxes collected will be provided to the Commissioner of Agriculture to fund the Integrated Predation Management program. This program is used to provide coyote control statewide. Any person who does not pay this assessment is not eligible for the services provided by the Commissioner of Agriculture and the United State Department of Agriculture and Wildlife Services.

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Dog Tax

West Virginia Codes §19-20-1 and §19-20-2 require an annual license tax be paid on all dogs that are 6 months of age or older on June 30th of the current year. Dogs are assessed with your personal property beginning on July 1st of each year.

In addition to the assessment and registration above provided for, whenever a dog either is acquired or becomes six months of age after the assessment of the personal property of the owner, keeper or harborer thereof, the said owner, keeper or harborer of said dog shall, within ten days after the acquisition or maturation, register the said dog with the assessor, and pay the head tax thereon unless the prior owner, keeper or harborer paid the head tax.

Ten percent of collected taxes are commissioned to the Assessor’s Office; the remaining Ninety Percent is turned in to the county treasurer. Such dog taxes, except those belonging to municipalities, shall be accredited to the dog and kennel fund provided for in West Virginia Code §19-20-10. In the event that the dog and kennel fund is insufficient to pay for the expenses set forth in West Virginia Code §19-20-10, then the county commission is authorized to pay for such expenses out of the county general fund. Any excess dog and kennel funds shall be paid into the county school fund.